windows 7 wireless connection drop problem

Ever since I started to use my laptop in my bedroom, which is about 10 feet away from my linksys router, but there are three walls between the router and the laptop, I started to experience the wireless connection drop problem.  Wireless connection would drop every few minutes or so, with no obvious reason, and reconnect again by itself before I do anything.  And drop again after a few minutes, and reconnect again … Sometimes it will not reconnect, and I have to manually re-enable wireless, or reconnect.  While sometimes this all would not work, and I have to restart the computer to bring it back online. Tried many different things, including power settings, TCP/IP settings, also suspected computer browser service as reported here, but couldn’t confirm since I don’t always have the BROWSER service problem in event log.

I experienced similar wireless connection drop in another location, which led me to believe it is indeed some kind of issue with either my computer or windows 7.

Yet today I used the laptop wireless at another different location, for a whole day, no connection drop at all.  So it seems likely some issue specific to my connection at home.  I tried to use wireless again in the living room, directly next to the router, it again seems to work fine.  So it seems like it is due to weak signal. Another google search yielded this link, which contributs the issue to signal noise or channel overlapping.

I did a test and found that my router is using channel 6, which is actually overlapping with some other routers.  So I switched it to another channel that nobody else in the vicinity is using.  It seems to work fine for the past few hours.


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